The Scooter that Launched a Million Fleets

Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

We like to congratulate CLEVR Mobility and KUHMUTE for launching their fleet with our wonderful ACTON M PRO!  We asked around and someone had great things to say about our scooters:

"I have ridden different types of fleet scooters and ACTON M PRO was the best by far... All of the other scooters felt like they were missing something, but you guys nailed it on all fronts. I think the M PRO is perfect for fleet use.
Scott Spitler, Co-Founder & CTO, Kuhmute


Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, people are getting ready to start their own fleet with our M PROs, and we cannot be any more excited!  We look forward to seeing fleets in cities like Reykjavík, Iceland; Sofia, Bulgaria; Bozeman, Montana; and San Antonio, Texas!

Despite our successful run thus far, we will always continue to grow and evolve. 
ACTON would like to introduce exciting patented technology very soon, stay tuned.

Our team has been traveling all over the world, connecting with the brightest minds in micromobility, establishing relationships that will help further develop the future of rideshare.


Ride with us!

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The M PROs are in shipping mode and they are flying fast.  The e-scooters have been busy since its debut:  M PRO has been sent all over the globe, enjoyed by many international clients, and even had a little photo shoot. 


Our clients have been ecstatic
about our M PRO:

 “Our customers are loving this scooter. Safe for riders and they last longer for operators. 
A win-win for an awesome product.
Hats off to the ACTON team

– Michael C.

 “It is quite strong and powerful.  Amazing experience and much better than any other scooters that I have ridden.”

– Davy W



We thank all our clients and customers for this incredible journey into micromobility; we will continue to keep moving with our electric scooters because ACTON believes our future needs more vehicle options. The evolution of micro-mobility has exponentially grown, and it is easier now to vision a world full of alternative ways of traveling efficiently. With our M PRO, we continue building for community, accessibility and energy efficiency; not to mention it is also a very comfortable ride.

Ride with us!

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New Era of Urban Micromoblity

With Spring coming, there is so much happening at ACTON land!

 The Micromobility Conference was held by Micromobility Industries on Jan 31, 2019 in Richmond, CA. The event was hosted in this spacious and open-design historical building - Craneway Pavilion with its picturesque location. Our CEO Janelle Wang presented ACTON as one of the leaders and pioneers in this category on stage.
Please check more info here for next event -

The room had amazing energy; many partners, city officials and ride share company representatives did test rides on our solid built M PRO e-scooter. We were working together to make a better, happier, and healthier system.

We’ve made HUGE progress on our M PRO e-scooter. Enjoy this short video of exploring the city on the ACTON M PRO e-scooter


Check out the media coverage by Mashable, where they gave us a mention! -

A big thanks to ACTON’s current partners and supporters globally, with more to come. The unit economics and longevity on shared e-scooters are about to change.  We are very confident that the ACTON M PRO e-scooter is THE shared scooter you need.

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