The M PROs are in shipping mode and they are flying fast.  The e-scooters have been busy since its debut:  M PRO has been sent all over the globe, enjoyed by many international clients, and even had a little photo shoot. 


Our clients have been ecstatic
about our M PRO:

 “Our customers are loving this scooter. Safe for riders and they last longer for operators. 
A win-win for an awesome product.
Hats off to the ACTON team

– Michael C.

 “It is quite strong and powerful.  Amazing experience and much better than any other scooters that I have ridden.”

– Davy W



We thank all our clients and customers for this incredible journey into micromobility; we will continue to keep moving with our electric scooters because ACTON believes our future needs more vehicle options. The evolution of micro-mobility has exponentially grown, and it is easier now to vision a world full of alternative ways of traveling efficiently. With our M PRO, we continue building for community, accessibility and energy efficiency; not to mention it is also a very comfortable ride.

Ride with us!

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