Tips for BLINK S & S2 Electric Skateboard Owners

Different from skating on a traditional board, electric skateboards and longboards have many sensitive electronic components that may require additional care. Taking good care of the board will help improve the longevity of the product, increase your range, and elevate the overall riding experience.

Here is a list of recommendations of good riding habits for all BLINK S and S2 electric skateboard users:

Check the screws on the hub-motors.

Please check all screws on each of the hub motors after the first 100 miles. If any of them are loose, make sure you tighten them up before riding again. You can also apply some loctite glue to secure screws should they become loosened.


Check the cable covers on the rear trucks (BLINK S2)

Please check if each of the cable covers (2) is on the rear truck
(picture) every time you ride. If any are loose or show any signs of popping up or coming out, please apply some silicon glue to tighten them up. If the cable cover is already missing, please clean out the inside with a q-tip and use silicon glue to cover the space.


Check the motor cable connectors

Please check to see if both connections are tightened before you ride. They may get loose from extensive riding. If they are loose, simply tighten them. (Use tool: wrench)


Tightness of the trucks

You can always adjust your ride by loosening or tightening the trucks. (Recommendation: To get the best riding experience, keep the rear truck tight and only loosen or tighten the front truck). Tightness of the trucks will affect the turning radius and stability of BLINK electric skateboards.



Make sure you unplug the charger once the battery is fully charged, as indicated by the ACTON app or light indicator on charger. Charging the board overnight is not recommended. (Just like charging your phone, keeping the charger on for an extended period of time may damage the battery and affect its longevity)

Charging adapter may also heat up during charging. This is normal and safe. The adapter may generate noticeable heat as it converts high voltage electricity to the right voltage for the battery of the board.


Hub Motor Heat

It is normal for the hub motors to heat up during riding. This is due to friction and high amount of electric current that is being passed through the trucks and into the motors; much of this energy is lost in heat, as well as driving the wheels. (Caution: Trucks and hub motors may be hot after riding. Handle with care!)


Wheel longevity

Since ACTON uses high quality urethane wheels, wheel wear and tear is completely normal and is almost inevitable with the riding experience. Depending on a few factors, such as the terrain and riding style, wheel wear and tear may be lessened or accelerated.


  • Terrain: constant riding on rocky, bumpy or such surfaces will shorten the wheels’ longevity,
  • Riding style: constant acceleration and braking will cause more wear on hub motor wheels. Also hard carving and aggressive riding will create more friction in the wheels; thus, causing more wear



The range estimates are based on relatively level riding environment designed to reflect “light” riding conditions and rider behavior.

Conditions to achieve optimal range:

  • Rider Mode: Normal
  • Cruising Speed: 10 MPH
  • Load Weight: 150-160 lbs
  • How and where you ride: Smooth, consistent riding without having many changes in acceleration and braking

**Don’t forget to turn off the board and remote when you are not riding it! This can help preserve its range**

Last but not the least: Safety is always the top priority. Please make sure you always wear a helmet and other protective gear when riding.





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